Proper selection of materials for mountaineering soles

The sole includes crampons insole and outsole

In the end: direct contact with the foot, usually made of soft nylon material, shape design is based on the characteristics of the human foot, and some are still in the bottom and the outer bottom embedded between a thin steel plate, and coated with a coating, a leather pad on top.

Different types of climbing boots, the design and material of the insole are also different, and their comfort is also different. Some alpine mountaineering boots, with the exception of the inner bottom, between the inner and the outer bottom, also increase the midsole, and the midsole is made of nylon synthetic material, in which the moisture content has a shock resistant buffer microporous structure.

Outsole: direct contact with the ground, usually made of synthetic rubber materials, different manufacturers, adopt different synthetic materials, but its purpose is to effectively protect the foot, increase comfort, and heel are relatively low, light, non slip bottom, both to prevent the decline of irregular grooves.