Rain and snow frozen weather non-slip

1, DIY bike snow chain
Winter snow and ice accumulation on the road can easily make the bike's wheels slippery, causing danger. Careful observation of life designers using a common plastic tie tied to the tire, not only can play a good anti-skid effect, but also quick and easy to install, the cost is very low. In the snow you may wish to try it.
When cycling in the snow, to maintain a high degree of concentration of attention, the body do not carry too much, too heavy goods, not too full of fetal gas, the air to the usual amount of 2/3 inflation as well. Try to lower the seat and keep a distance of more than 3 meters in front of the vehicle to prevent the front car from slipping over and tripping on itself. Do not brakes hard otherwise the wheels will slip and lose balance.
2, iron horse wearing can not love the United States
People in the mountains of the South wear a "spiked" shoe studded with nails while walking on a frozen winter or muddy road to prevent slipping. People also specialize in the production of "iron horses": horseshoe-like hoops with ties that are tied to the soles or soles of feet: those who do not have the money to buy "iron horses" Tied to the soles of the feet, it not only ensures that people travel safely, will not slip love injury, but also save money and save money. Also known as small crampons or four-tooth crampons outdoors.
In addition, snow walking speed not too fast, stride to small and maintain a fixed pace. Avoid heavy objects, hands do not hides in his pocket, because the swing back and forth both hands can play a balancing role. Mr. Li reminds everyone that once the fracture falls, must not be indiscriminately rubbing, the application of scarves, books and other tools to fix the fracture site, ask someone to help, go to the hospital for treatment.
3, socks also have a great idea
If you suddenly encounter frozen roads, in order to prevent falls, you can take off socks, wearing shoes. Can play a temporary non-slip effect. In emergency, if there is no other equipment on hand, with a rotten cloth, ramie, even straw tied to the bottom of the rope can also slippery.
4, frozen rain and snow on the road pay attention to traffic safety
Snow driving a motorcycle, the driver into the corner to brake, try to use the rear brake, if the front brake, the control is not easy, then slippery. In addition, try to keep the car body and the road surface perpendicular to the brake, after a lot of icing try not to brake the lot, it is best to control the speed with the throttle.
5, the best car before travel trip safety, anti-skid chain installation, disassembly before the vehicle parked in a safe zone.
A. snow before starting the car, first check whether there is water or tire melt between the tire and frozen ground, so as not to force the car to cause tear tire, puncture.
B. If parking conditions are poor or open air, it is best to place a newspaper under the wheel every time before parking to avoid freezing.
C. Do not start up after driving directly to the high-speed gear, the first slow to open 1 to 3 km, a reasonable warm tire to avoid high-speed cold tire slippery ice road.
D. Do not crush ice on segmented icy roads to avoid sharp ice scratching the tires.
F. slight skidding do not refuel, appropriate deceleration so that the tire friction to maintain grip.