Read this to teach you how to choose crampons!

Winter is approaching, many outdoor and extreme hobbies will begin to climb the alpine journey, in the face of smooth ice and snow and complex terrain terrain, choose a suitable for their own claws is a very important thing, even related to Personal safety. Today let us look at how to pick crampons.

Let us first understand the working principle of the next claw:

The crampons are made of metal and have a pointed tooth. When walking or climbing, use their own weight to increase the grip by cutting the teeth to the snow or ice, and to fix themselves and prevent slippage.

General crampons generally consist of 10 parts:

  1. Front tooth 2. Heel 3. Size bar 4. Quick adjustment piece 5. Bundle 6. Safety buckle 7. Snowboard 8. Card holder 9. Heel holder 10. Front tie

Crams according to use, can be divided into three types:

  1. Simple ice claw: ordinary ice, snow on the road to use. This type of crampons inexpensive, simple structure, but the stability, stability slightly worse.
  2. walking crampons: wild hiking, crossing, climbing. This type of ice claw cost-effective, durable material, but not for ice and other dangerous lines.
  3. Professional climbing claws: high altitude adventure, ice climbing use. This claw price is higher, with the shoes also have a high demand. The user's experience also has certain requirements, according to the use of the environment is not the same as full-card, all tied, before the tied card three.
  4. Full card crampons: first requires the shoes must be with a claw card slot, usually only in the mountain boots and some heavy footwear on the only have this function. The advantages of the whole card crampons is fixed after a very stable, easy to loose, wear off more free and convenient. But the disadvantage is that if the shoes made of ice claw card slot, the soles need special reinforcement treatment. Soles naturally hardened, and the shoes on their own weight up, and the production process also increased a lot of difficulty, resulting in the overall price of shoes will not be too low.
  5. all tied crampons: all tied crampons is the use of a few ribbon to the ice claws tied to the shoes. Its biggest advantage is that can be used with any hiking shoes without restrictions. But the disadvantage is that the first fixed firmness as the whole card crampons, the second is when walking a day after the ribbon easy to freeze, will become difficult to pick off.
  6. before the card after the claw claw: This is the most convenient to use the claws of the claws, but requires shoes after the card slot.