Simple crampons winter shoes skidproof small partner

Every snowy day, shoes slip function appears to be particularly important, especially in the northeast, covering winter in March in a lot of sidewalk snow for a long time, have been hit hard and slippery, walk to be careful; most of North China, it was the middle of winter snow on the road will have a few days to wear a, most likely to allow pedestrians to fall. This time, if there is a pair of non slip shoes can be with a variety of shoes collocation, set in the shoes, wear out of convenience, it is really good.

This wish can be easily achieved this year. Nowadays, a known for simple crampons products appears in a large number of online shopping products. It is also called the antiskid shoe sleeve, but from the point of view of the structure closer crampons, at least by the crampon inspired evolved.

In the professional mountaineering, crampons according to use into very fine, such as for technical ice climbing, including ice climbing competition, ice climbing wall, rock and ice and mixed climbing; used in mountain climbing, with high altitude mountaineering, climbing techniques, the general mountaineering; used for walking in snow and ice, as through, cross-country skiing.