Snow non-slip shoe cover (crampon)

Winter, snow non-slip is a constant topic, but always can not always wear non-slip shoes, after all, is not always walking, so too ugly, do not worry now there are snow non-slip shoe cover (crampons)! This shoe cover is different from the ordinary health shoe cover, first of all it is made of special rubber, steel, rope, can be very good hoop ordinary shoes above, so that the bottom of ordinary shoes is a special steel production The steel nails slippery at the end. With this ice-skid shoe cover, you do not have to wear antiskid shoes all winter time.

The biggest advantage of this snow non-slip shoe covers (crampons) is that the grip is very strong, not worse than the professional non-slip shoes, but the better point is removable, removed when not in use, and its small size , But also very easy to carry, so even if the winter outfit dating out do not have to worry about heavy non-slip shoes to give their own image of a discount. And this kind of ice-skid shoe cover has a variety of styles, some wearing the surface can not see wear a shoe cover, very beautiful.