Straight ice climbing skills?

Climbing vertical ice walls requires strength, skill, and courage. The climber must be confident of himself and firmly believe that he can conquer the course he is going to climb. ?

Each climb must be clear, ice climbing wall is a complex and dangerous sport, especially the first person climbing if off will be very dangerous, so the ice climbing wall must choose ice wall for their own level, but should not exceed the level of their own. The way to increase the level of the ice wall is to use the top protection to strengthen the exercises so that you can master the technique and improve it. ?

When climbing, keep the body balanced and uniform force can make the climber reduce fear. When climbing, you must master the rhythm of climbing and the understanding of the ice wall. You should be as bright as a mirror for each step. The sport requires climbers to be fully prepared for the climb, and it is better to give it up temporarily if they hesitate to step on the ladder. ?

In the ice, ice position is not too high. If you feel at the foot of all power in the toes, that axes position high, so easy to cause the nail in the ice crampons before stepping on instability. The ice wall and crampons should contact a 90 degree angle, the heel slightly down a bit. ?

When the ice wall is of good quality and very thick, can be used for climbing strength method. It is important to give up on the shoulder in the ice axe wielding, slammed the wedge into the ice pick. The advantage of this climb is that it saves energy on other parts of the body with inertia and chest muscles. A little attention is paid to this technology shall be vertical axes tip splitting into the ice wall, and the power to focus on one thing. ?

When the ice wall is thinner, available ice ice wall with a sharp tap hole, then put the axe sharp hang into the small hole, remember this case not rush out radical axes. When the foot to reach this height, can put a nail into the crampons before the small hole, thereby saving labor and firm. ?

The normal procedure is to double the foot into the ice wall with a pickaxe and repeat the same action over and over again. Some climbers in the selection of good axe splitting into place, more willing to foot up while the ice axe split into ice wall. The climb was risky, but in fact the climb was the center of gravity. Don't be afraid to take risks. When you learn how to climb it, you will find it so labor-saving and easy. Don't climb the foot position is too high, too high to show their position posture squat shape, which makes it difficult to pick axe. Climbing requires no more than Hand Axe waist height, in the right place to put his hand on the top or out of ice in ice axe. Take the axe to the vertical direction when moving to the rear can remove the loose ice. Take the axe not wiggles in the ice, which could result in ice axe fracture. ?

Climbing for the local uneven ice, the climber relaxed picks and crampons. ?

If someone had climbed the same route, the best use of the front climbers used to put ice axe and crampons, so strong to save a lot of energy. ?

Ice when it is difficult to find a suitable place to rest, the best place is like a semicircle shaped terrain chimney can put two feet, straining out step, your body weight on the leg up to rest, and the role of the upper limb to only use ice axes to maintain body balance. Another way to rest is a monkey hanging, which is split into the ice after the arms straightened, focus on foot, feet elevation so that the body is curved. The two axes are highly consistent, the left front kick into the ice wall, the right foot is highly consistent with the waist, the whole foot contact ice wall, the right foot and leg rest in shape, and then the legs alternately. But don't rest too long in one place to keep your body from freezing. ?

The protection should be considered the ice quality, appropriate standing position and proper distance climbing, should be aware of. In the vertical ice installed on the wall of ice is a difficult job, but also ice climber must master the technology. The distance between the common protection points should not exceed 6 meters, otherwise it will be no climbing without protection.

There are three kinds of ice climber placement method in the ice wall?

1, a first split into the ice axe, hand picks, the foot of the jail, straighten the body. With the other hand axe and cut a small hole into the ice, and then hammer or screwed into. For security reasons, hanging on the wall of the ice axe and the safety belt is the best;

2, a further split into ice, the ice axe wristband par is slightly higher, one arm set into the wristband to elbow, then two hands placed ice;

3, the two axes splitting into the ice and the safety belt is connected, hands placed ice. ?

Ice climbing more challenging, more exciting; soloing many master love climbing way to climb, not only has the superb technology, physical strength, but also good distribution of physical strength, make full use of all kinds of terrain to rest and relax, but are not related and beginners can.