Talk about the choice of crampons

The market on the crampons varied, the United States and Europe manufacturers launched new models every year, the new set of juice, each style and a variety of combinations, really Jiaoren see dizzy, friends and opinions are different, the entry of the mountain Friends should not know how to choose to match.


How to choose crampons and hiking boots is mainly decided to be the nature of the activities can be sub-technology ice (including ice climbing, ice climbing, ice rock climbing), climbing (including high altitude climbing, technology climbing, general climbing) , Snow and ice walking (such as crossing, field skiing).


There are many gray buildings in different activities, such as the high altitude of Mount Everest, especially K2 in a lot of ice rock mixed, but Zhuo Youyou and Mu Shi Tai Ge is mainly snow slope, it must be detailed split Individual circumstances. But this time on the simplicity of the main, hoping to make the mountain friends will grasp the theme of the three separate talk. One is to know the crampons, the second is the introduction of boots, and finally the choice of crampons and boots and with. Take a look at the claws:


Know about the claws


Different crampons in the structure, claw teeth and fixed way there are a variety of characteristics.


  1. The structural points are mainly rigid and semi-rigid (some called semi-flexible)


Semi-rigid claw claw claw palm and claw with, there is a flat metal bar, one can adjust the length of the claws to match the boots, and second, flat metal strips can only be slightly horizontal movement with the palm of the palm and the shape and shape Small up and down. So called semi-rigid claws. Semi-rigid claw body light, easy to adjust, generally more than the use of this design. See below.


Full rigid claws can also adjust the length of the claws, but the overall fixed as a rigid structure. In the past, all rigid claws were mainly used for technical ice climbing, and snow was easy to snow in the snow. Now a lot of full rigid claws have snowboard support, many people also used for high altitude climbing and technology climbing.


  1. The claw teeth are the number of teeth and the design of the teeth.


General climbing claws are 12 teeth, forefoot is two front teeth plus six teeth, followed by four teeth. The next two figures are the most versatile style. The first two teeth are used to kick the hard snow wall and the second row of ice walls to assist in standing, the other for ice and snow slope walking.

  1. Fixed ways are: full-tied, full-card and hybrid.


The old all-tied type is used to fasten the claw on the claw through the claw. This way easy to loose off the trouble.

The new all-tied plus plastic before and after the fixed sets, easy to wear simple, easy to fall off. What kind of hiking boots can also be matched.

Full card is designed for professional Takayama boots, professional mountain boots at the bottom of the hard, boots and heel with a special groove to match the claws. Not all the card crampons and all the high boots can match, so when buying kiosks to bring high mountain boots, or buy a mountain boots with a tentacles to try to match whether to buy. Some people say why it is so wasteful of time and trouble, in fact, climbing in addition to the need for money also cost a lot of time and produce unnecessary trouble (family and female or boyfriend). So afraid of trouble do not do everything or do not climb well, so as not to give the small life to the mountain.

Hyundai all to brisk-based, manufacturers to meet the market production of the soles of the relatively thin hiking shoes, toe with a ditch to match the front of the card before the closure of the claw.