Ten teeth walking crampons


Material: straps, C50S special steel, cold DuPont TPEE

Process: Electrophoretic coating, high-strength heat-treated

Size: Single, adjustable. Suitable for shoe size 35-46

Weight: about 680 grams

Color: black, yellow

Packing: oxford pocket included, storage bag, easy to carry and saved.

Adjustment: stepless adjustment, more convenient, more accurate and safer. Include a hex wrench.

Purpose: to meet all kinds of sports shoes, hiking shoes, mountaineering boots’ need. Apply to ice and snow, grass and wetlands environment, play a non-slip effect.

Description: This product is a pair (two shoes is a pair)

Product features: a total of ten teeth before and after, full braking force. Special steel heat-treated to achieve an excellent combination of strength and toughness at low temperatures. Full-strapped design, easy to wear off with fixed pin, pull the button design, easy fixed bindings, snowboard base resistance, can effectively prevent setting the snow.

Tips: This ten teeth crampons for the snow or ice walking crampons, not for ice climbing and glacier limit.

十齿行走冰爪5 十齿行走冰爪3 十齿行走冰爪2 十齿行走冰爪1