Ten years of climbing need to prepare








The third year to pull the 7000 + snow-capped mountains or 6000 + snow-capped mountains
This time you easily run a horse should be no problem, the whole horse bite 5 hours is not a big event, on the 4000 + plateau 2 days later, the blood oxygen content stabilized at more than 80 percent, and adapt to time and high experience But also better than the junior, but also how to choose a glove sleeping pad snow cover underwear socks have their own views, you can try to compare the simple Mu Tu Tate peak, Ama Dablam or Pondangtang Nepal some of the technical peaks.
You have a good time to climb the ice skills, rope skills, equipment, you should be on how to light and streamlined on the road, more mature mountain climbing mentality, this time in fact it is necessary to see some English mountain books and strengthen English listening and simple oral language for the future to enter the international climbing team pave the way.
By the way some of your climbing even as a bad practice of tourists, such as too serious without life-saving blanket, such as environmental protection, such as smoking. Domestic access to more than 7,000 meters of snow-capped mountains to prove climbing 8000 + offer one of the necessary conditions