The Camping Equipment

1. The tents, mountaineer in the mountains is the bedroom. Can be divided into two kinds of low mountain tents and alpine tent. Tent with single-layer material commonly can low mountain, mountain tents are packed in double material, make have air layer, to increase the heat preservation performance. Generally tents each about 4 cubic meters of space, 2 ~ 4 people to live. Such as team size is bigger, can be made more practical respectively base camp tents accommodation tents, cooking tents, medical tent, etc. All kinds of tents at the top of the curved shape as well, in order to enhance structural force and practicability, moreover for waterproofing, insulation, ventilation, colourful, inward and outward open and close easily.

2. Sleeping bags, materials and clothing is the same, only the thermal insulation layer should be more thicker. To waterproof and moistureproof, mat has felt (air bed or foam pad can also be).

3. The kitchen is provided, used for boiling water to cook, also can be warm. Have two kinds of gas stove and a gas stove. In the mountain of the height of 7000 meters above the thin air, which effect is better.

4. Sleeping MATS, MATS in sleeping bags, outdoor more smooth and comfortable sleeping conditions, more important is cut off the ground moisture, keep the temperature of the sleeping bag.

5. Cooking utensils, as outdoor cooking container, a general is suite for 2 people, 4 people use, such as the size of each condom to synthesize a collection. Material is aluminium alloy, usually also have fast and uniform of thermal conductivity of titanium alloy, but the price is high.

Coat set of 6. Sleeping bags, sleeping bags, under the environment of wet snow can ensure the sleeping bag dry, also can increase the warm temperature of the sleeping bag. Material is qualitative with Gore - Tex is the best, waterproof breathable to keep sleeping bag dry inside and outside.