The choice of crampons and cooperation

  Crampons multifarious in the markets, the us and Europe's manufacturer to release a new style year after year, a new juice, each style and have a variety of combination, really make people see more dizzy, friends' opinions are different, introduction of four girl should know how to choose to cooperate.


How to select crampons and hiking boots are mostly decided is the nature of the activity, can divide technology ice climbing (including ice climbing, ice wall climbing, ice rock climbing mixed), hiking (contain high mountain sea dials, technical climbing, general mountaineering) walking, ice and snow skiing (such as across, the field).


And there are a lot of gray phase in the different activities, overlapping area, like the sea dials high mountain climbing of mount Everest, especially many ice rock mixed in K2, but snow slope, zhuo muztagh ata and the friends are mainly, so must split individual details. But this time to talk about the lun with concise give priority to, the hope can grasp the theme is to four separate so talk about three times. It is meet crampons, 2 it is boots is introduced, finally is crampons and boots choice and cooperation. Let's have a look at the ice:


Meet crampons


Different crampons on structural, tooth and claw fixed way has a variety of characteristics.


1. The structural main points to be rigid and semi-rigid (some say a flexible)


Semi-rigid claw claw hands and feet with, there is a flat metal strip attached, one is the length of the adjustable feet to cooperate boots, 2 it is flat metal strip can only slight move horizontally with boots and move up and down with the shape and small. So called semi-rigid claw. Semi-rigid claw body is light, convenient adjustment, crampons is more commonly use this design. Can see the image below.


All the length of the rigid blade can be set-up claws but overall is fixed for a rigid structure. Past all rigid claw is mainly used for ice climbing technology, by walking in the snow claw bottom to snow. Now a lot of the rigid claw have blocked the skis, many also serve as a high mountain sea dials and technical route.


2. The claw teeth is to look at the design of the claw teeth and the number of teeth.


Climbing claws commonly is 12 teeth, teeth before the ball is two plus six after tooth, followed by four teeth. The next two figure is the most common model. The first two teeth to kick into the hard snow wall and on the second line is used to assist to stand, the other used to walking snow slope.