The climbers should pay attention to what order

The 12 line, submitted to the people left behind

13, follow the principle of the good reputation of the textbook on the guidelines.

14, mountain to mountain, are required to stay at any time, the way the police staff or family report whereabouts

15, before or after entering the mountains, should always pay attention to weather data and change.

16, every mountain, do not let down.

17 team Wubukelatai long, often should maintain consistent condition.

Should retrace our steps 18, when looking for shelter, or waiting for rescue, in order to reduce the consumption of energy. In the mountain road, to avoid disorientation, save energy, improve the speed, should strive to be the road, do not wear forest crosses a main road road. If there is no road, the choice of vertical ridge, ridge, mountain, river and stream edges, tree height, Lin Xi, big gap, low grass thinning of the terrain. Generally do not go deep and deep valleys, ravines and lush grass, rattan and bamboo intertwined places, and strive to walk the beam, do not take the ditch, go straight, do not go horizontal.

19, where there is no way in the valley upstream of climbing, nor no obvious path in the mountains along the river down. Because the mountain streams by gradual steep terrain, the mountaineering skills shortage, the situation is not clear the climber, easily slipped and fell, so the best will mark when climbing, identify the direction or follow the flag left by the previous.

not drinking, otherwise it will increase the amount of sweat, more likely to cause physical fatigue, in addition, should adjust the pace of moving and breathing at any time, not unsteadiness. The kettle should be filled at any time during the procession.

During the 21, mountain climbing, more rest, but the rest of the time should not be too long, so as not to catch cold

do not let the body and clothing damp, to avoid temperature loss. In the face of crisis, fatigue and other pressures, maintaining body temperature is the most important thing, and should always pay attention to their own and teammates psychological changes, and try to maintain emotional balance.