The Clothing and Equipment

1. Rock clothing, namely, competitive mountaineering activities used in pajamas. To tight things, sleeves, trousers with elastic type is better, wear-resisting material application strong and full of elasticity of hair products.

2. Rock shoes, rock climbing a special shoes. Upper is best leather raw materials, solid, ventilation sole with a hard rubber raw materials. With thick soles and pressure have raised ridges, friction fixed to facilitate the operation, to prevent slippage.

3. Warm clothing, used in mountaineering activities insulation from the cold, thermal insulation layer is best quality duck down, fabrics to light, thin, dense, waterproof, windproof. Bright clothing surface color is dark, as far as possible some, endothermic and facilitate the mountain mountain observation of recognition. In addition to the pajamas, also can be made according to need of down

Hats, socks, gloves, and the tent with the shoes.

4. Hooded jacket, with waterproof quality nylon material. Jacket with cap, hat, sleeves, trousers can adjust the tightness. Its purpose is windproof, warm and protect the inner.

5. Mountain boots and climbing icy terrain with shoes. To keep warm, waterproof material, light and ventilation. Can also be the other match leggings and shoe cover, further warm waterproof and protection of the role. When the action on the ice slope, under boots to tie my crampons.

6. Bags, including backpacks, back and duffel bag.

7. Safety glasses to protect his eyes from the sun and strong reflected light snow and ice, prevent ultraviolet damage to the eyes, are usually dark brown lens is better. In the 7000 meters above the mountains, against violet, infrared should be equipped with special snow glasses.