The Equipment of the Rock Climbing

Climbing equipment there are two main purposes: one is used to ensure the safety of the sport, another kind is to make the climber's performance better. The former including the main rope, belt, chains, protector, sling, hung, rock plug, pitons, bolts, bolt, impact drill, bouldering pads, helmets, after a concise, mainly include climbing shoes, magnesium powder bag etc.

Main line throughout the climber, protection points and protector of the combined with line. The main line is indispensable lifeline in the protection of rock climbing. Inside the main rope is intertwined multi-strand nylon rope, external package to have rope leather (SHEATH) have the effect of fixed and wear. Main rope can be divided into the power cord and the static line, their elasticity are different. Elastic coefficient of the power cord is 6% ~ 8%, 100 m power cord force 80 kg can be extended in 6 ~ 8 meters, so the climber in fall off when they get a buffer, reduce impact. Power cord is the main tool of climbing activities. Static rope ductility is small, the elastic is about 2%, generally used for falling and caving.

Only through the UIAA or CE testing and main rope with the certification logo can only be used, do not use the history of the main line. The main line of matters needing attention in use: absolutely avoid transverse incisions in the sharp Angle of rock; Do not trample or drag and drop on the ground, in case caused by internal wear debris and sand into the fibers; Avoid contact with oil, alcohol, gasoline, paint and acid alkali chemicals; Regular inspection before and after each use, eliminated; Store in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Seat belts: on the climber, the