The ice paw takes you to experience the pleasure of climbing






10:40, we started from the base camp for six and a half hours after we stood in the Siguniang Mountain three peaks 5 meters long, only 30 to 50 cm wide 5355 meters above sea level the peak. And after eight and a half hours, when we stumbled down to the foot of the mountain at the foot of the small town of the inn, is a step by step, faltering, dark days.

This time before climbing a full 10 years ago, the first time I climbed the snow-capped mountains, is 6178 meters of jade beads. The mark of climbing in 1999 was always branded in the heart of the most precious place, and had a tremendous and positive impact on my life, which inspired me. The deepest feeling is the transcendence of the self, the attachment to the goal, the treasure of life and the tolerance of others. This 10 years, I because of work and hobbies, footprints throughout the mountains and rivers, up, climbing, forward. During this period, there are a lot of people asking me why why climbing? This is a question that all climbers are often asked to face. The most famous answer is that 80 years ago, George Herbert Leigh Mallory (18 June 1886-8 June / 9 June 1924) in answering a reporter's question: "Why do you want to climb Mt. Everest?" (Why do you To climb Mount Everest?) Answered: "Because for is there." (Because it was there). June 8, 1924, Mallory in the last famous climb in the mysterious disappearance of more than 8000 meters in Mount Everest northeast ridge, until May 29, 1953 Edmund - Hillary and Tenzin Nuoergai From the Nepalese side of the southeast ridge first summit, May 25, 1960 Chinese mountaineering team Wang Fu Chau, Qu Yinhua, Kampot first from the Tibetan side of China's northeast ridge (then the Mallory route) boarding Top, and May 1, 1999 Americans in the north slope of 8170 meters to find the remains of Mallory, Mallory is the summit of Mount Everest is still a fan. Why hiking? Because it was there. Is it going to be there? What kind of price do we have to pay?