The Mountaineering Security Equipment

Not mountaineering is special, but in order to cope with unexpected situations, and for other purposes and spare some equipment and utensils. Such as oxygen equipment, communications equipment, photographic equipment, self-defense weapons, vehicles, observation instruments, YiJiu equipment and general supplies, etc. The amount and type of security equipment, with the nature of the task and team size, sometimes simple, sometimes want to strengthen. More important of which are:

n Angle, through the volute chamber and the water pipeline for higher ground.


2. The general characteristics of mixed flow pump

(1) the mixed flow pump and centrifugal pump, low head, large flow, compared with axial flow, high head, low flow rate. The range of the plain, lake irrigation and drainage.

(2) along the water flowing through the direction of the mixed flow pump with the impeller shaft with a certain Angle and inhalation and outflow, so it is also called the oblique flow pump.