The right choice of climbing sole material

The sole includes crampons insole and outsole
Insole: direct contact with the human foot, usually made of soft nylon material, the shape of the design is based on the characteristics of the foot type, and some still in the bottom and outsole embedded between a thin steel plate There is a kind of anti-corrosion coating, the above and then pad a piece of leather.
Different types of hiking boots, its insole design and materials are also different, the comfort is not the same. There are also alpine hiking boots in addition to the inside, in the insole and the outsole, also increased in the end, the midsole is made of nylon synthetic materials, which contain water shock buffer microporous structure.
Outsole: direct contact with the ground, usually made of synthetic rubber material, different manufacturers, adopt different synthetic materials, but its purpose is to effectively protect the feet, increase the anti-comfort, and the heel are relatively low, Light, non-slip, the bottom are to prevent the decline of the irregular groove. So Ninghai County Tengda bamboo products Co., Ltd. is the use of natural silicone claw made of.