The Skills of Climbing

Methods: climbing upward movement in hand the fundamental purpose is to make body and close to the wall. The shape of the protection on the wall a lot, there are dozens of common. Climbers, familiar with the shape to the fulcrum know where to different protection hand should grasp and how to make the force. According to (or sag) highlights on the fulcrum position and direction, have to dig, kneading, pull, clutch, holding, pushing, etc. But don't stick to the same protection can have a variety of grasping method.

1. Grasping protection, especially the horizontal force, lower arm position, by pulling down more horizontal friction; As far as possible to fully use the power of the thumb, the thumb on the fulcrum. For the level of the common shallow slot fulcrum, can twist the thumb, refers to the belly side buckle into the router, or cross on the index finger, middle and back can be increased greatly.

2. The strength of the fingers in climbing is very important, usually refers to lie to support available, pull-ups, refers to the hang pull-ups, lift weights methods of practice. Now some overseas player has been able to achieve single guide body upward force level. When climbing a long route choice easy location, two hands rest rotation.

3. The rest area should choose no elevation or elevation is lesser, and hands have greater protection. Resting your feet trample fulcrum, arms straight is difficult to rest (bending), upper back, but the waist must move out, make the body close to the wall, the weight to the feet, and to reduce the burden of arms, fingers, shake hand movements do activities to relax, and some of magnesium powder, so as not to slip.

4 feet: climbing generally wear special climbing shoes, this kind of shoes sole made of hard rubber ball is a bit thick, make by tough leather shoe body, the top of the shoe is pointed, sole friction. Put on this kind of shoes, the foot in less than a centimeter wide protection can be firmly support body weight. When the choose and buy this kind of shoes, you must pay attention to, don't buy big. Tight shoes feet, the stronger power.

5. Only around a foot can contact protection: before the shoes are pointed; In the forepart side (great toe); Toe lateral (tip) of four toes and heel tip (mainly used when double eaves hang feet), and only stepped into a finger width, not too much, put the feet up, for example, in order to make the feet under the condition of the bearing can rotate around mobile, in feet, of such action.

6. Change the feet is to ensure that the correct way to smooth, does not increase the burden of his hands. From right to left, for example, the above mentioned left foot first, his right foot for the fulcrum on the far right for (see down) counter-clockwise rotation, to stand on the left side of the empty, and the weight is on the right foot; From above his left foot, checking, right foot should be potential, weight to his left foot.

Action even up, like the foot oil, right foot from the fulcrum slip, slide at the same time, his left foot weight has been borne by the feet, hands only to adjust balance. Feet in addition to bearing the weight, in the process of climbing is also commonly used to maintain the body balance. Don't always want to step on the foot protection, sometimes want to put out a leg dangling, to adjust the position of the body center of gravity, make weight steadily to another foot.

and control way to realize through the involvement of the PLC control system.