The use of jaws in walking on foot









Walking experience:







After the rain through the sun's exposure, the dirt road surface has been dried, but in fact already enough water, this time when the mountain is very prone to danger, take this road when the soles must grasp the ground, to make full use of climbing sticks as Fulcrum, so as not to pay attention to a step into the deep mud. In addition, the spring and autumn temperature difference between day and night, rain and snow days dirt road is very easy to freeze, the risk coefficient is relatively high, encountered this situation down the mountain to make full use of climbing sticks and can climb things, pay attention to climbing objects It is very important to make sure that the fulcrum is firm.



Pavement features:

The bush contains many species that can be roughly divided into natural shrubs and artificial shrubs. Natural shrubs are mainly distributed in dense jungle, shrubs are more and more low, the general soil wet and soft, may have swamps, the greater the risk; artificial shrub mainly distributed climate is relatively dry foothills, Windproof solid soil, the location of the general dry soil, sandy soil more, seemingly hard in fact a step on the slide, there are some areas of quicksand.

Walking experience:

Take the bushes to bring glasses, hats, pull the jacket on the zipper, between the players at least to maintain the distance of 1.5 meters to prevent the front teammates with the back of the branches bounce back to hurt themselves. Always remind the teammates behind the distance is too easy to get lost! Walking through the natural bush when the best auxiliary equipment and experienced team leader or local guide Pathfinder first, pay attention to shrubs with more spikes, mosquitoes more, it is recommended to wear high anti-skid soles, large lines and deep Jungle boots, wear long sleeves, trousers, pay attention to the protection of the face. The artificial bush is taller and more thorny than the natural shrub shrubs, and it is recommended to prepare gloves (the best leather), long-sleeved high-necked anti-scratch pants and hiking shoes with good skidding ability. Not slippery, wide way, it is best to keep the branches fresh and can support the hand of the live branches, hand to help solid, settled to be slow to slow.