There are ice and no ice ice climbing skills

    No ice ice climbing, ice slope slower ice climbing don't bring crampons, but must be in balance. Body to move from one balance to the next. At each point, the inside of the foot (to the) over the former, the lateral crural (down) to overhang, weight concentration on the inside of the foot bones, reduce the financial burden on muscle as much as possible. With hands hold ice axe to the mountain, only when the balance the body and feet to move. After ice axe has hit a steady step forward, feet to move. Ice climbing to pay attention to the use of irregular places as a foot point on the ice.

    Withice climbing: by French and German technology to modern crampons technology, can reduce the climb up overworked, improve the efficiency of climbing. The ice in the gentle slope stepped into pea easily, use with flat steps forward, slope more than 45 degrees for 2 days, and then use before playing style, on the gentle slope to practice more at ordinary times, help to improve technology, increase self-confidence, to the steep hill is easier to adopt the method of decisive and bold.