This most economical ice climbing pickaxe is a good choice for alpine climbing






Advantages: light weight. The pick of the handle at the base of the pick handle allows for easy grip, and the moderately curved handle provides a reasonable degree of extension to the basic wrist strap that provides the necessary functionality.


Disadvantages: not easy to climb a steep icefall, the pick or hammer and the tip is simply welded together, although the spare parts are cheaper, but always carrying spare parts when climbing is not practical.

Black Diamond Cobra


Expensive ice ax, but can provide good performance support for competitive ice climbing and Alpine climbing.


Advantages: Carbon fiber shank provides T-shape, with smaller torque resistance than other ice axes. The pick of the handle at the base of the pick handle makes it easy for you to grip, and when you place the pick on an ice bucket, you can effectively prevent the ice ax from slipping for technical ice climbing in various environments.


Disadvantages: You need to sharpen the head more sharp. Thick handle, suitable for larger hands