Tips for choosing winter climbing shoes

The more the winter, the more cold air is enveloped, the more you want to go hiking or hiking impulse, you are such a "find abuse"? The green mountain summer cool, winter is solemn and quiet, is another scene, so the winter will go climbing flavor. This season, a pair of suitable hiking shoes will make travel easier and safer.

About hiking shoes, the first misunderstanding is that the four seasons wear the same pair of climbing shoes, because with the changes in temperature, shoes also have different functions to meet travel needs. For example, the summer mountaineering shoes should be breathable, light fabric, wearing will not feel hot; and winter should emphasize heat preservation and anti-skid. Although it is only a difference in detail, the benefits of some small designs can be fully represented during long walks.

When picking up winter climbing shoes, you can look outside. The outer fabric should be waterproof so as not to let snow water and rain water seep into the shoes and frostbite feet. The fewer seams on the surface, the better. Another important aspect of the outer layer is the sole. You should choose a pattern with a large texture and a deeper texture. If you go to some ice, or consider matching shoes and crampons for some snow capped mountains to climb.

Then, take a look at the inner layer of shoes, mainly to see the thickness of the fabric and breathability, it is best to warm and breathable, so that after climbing, sweating is not too much temperature difference. Overall design, can wrap ankle better. In winter, we usually choose high climbing shoes. On the one hand, we can better protect the ankle joint to keep warm. In winter the muscles of the body relatively stiff, winter and slippery, more easily sprained foot, so high to help design essential

Wear warm, thickening socks to keep your feet warm during the winter, so remember to wear thick socks and try shoes when you buy them. Buy new shoes to wear more walking, do not wait until climbing to wear, so as not to be unfamiliar with the performance of shoes and problems. In mountaineering, wearing climbing shoes should follow the principle of "shoe up the mountain, relax, and lace down the mountain". Especially in the downhill, you should focus on the heel, and if the whole foot is touching the ground, it is easy to slip and fall