Tips of how to care your crampons

In order to keep your crampons a longtime working-life, Below some points may help you.

1st.After use of crampons, you had better clean up the ice and snow ,in case it is corroded and rust by the melt snow water.

2.Make a timing careful polished to the ice crampons points .Longtime using will make it blunt ,so a timing polished is a necessary, but please kindly notes Do not use electric wheel ,its hot will make the crampons annealing.

3.the steel wire of the ship-in crampons must matched well with the maintaining boots, if not ,you can amend it by a rubber hambber.

4. An anti-sticking snowboard is also very well to prevent the snow sticking problem.

More information for crampons, will keep updated by Ningbo Beilun Dagan Shenye plastic and mold factory.