To choose what attitude rather than climbing height

On May 7, 2014, members of university students' tourist cultural practice camp society, China university of geosciences (Beijing) the earth club Andy victor climbers from YuZhuFeng mountain climbing back, the last of the 12 days of snow mountain walking to the finish line.Out of consideration for factors such as safety, and big team were ultimately ascends to YuZhuFeng peak 6178 meters above sea level, but to climb to the top two hours away 5920 peak.Although the results slightly regret, the process is full of wonder.

To the plateau "suffer"

Before he left, the players were told "plateau response this thing everyone has basically, active adaptation will be better".On the plateau, a slight movement is easy to feel tired, "eating eating out," players, "holding a box of instant noodles on the 100 m just feel very tired, want to rest for a long time."Although do the psychological preparation, unplanned and vomiting or let everyone what to do.First climbing high energy professional college students Bai Wenbin teammates impressed with the experience.On the first day of the plateau, Bai Wenbin along to keep up a wind blown away tents, thrown up three times in the evening."For the first time to go mountain climbing, is not very adapt to, plus a run, like spray blood spit at night."He described a way, "onto the edge after what couldn't spit it nauseated."

"Before a second has not been vomiting feeling, after a second throw up."Resources exploration professional sophomore Zhang Zhiying describes the unique experience of the plateau.Fortunately, plateau response only two days before the mountaineering serious, slowly adapted to the days after all.Zhang Zhiying exclamation: "every time when I was a particularly serious, want to, I this is why, so painful, it is better to berth at school, when is the May Day holiday."But every time back to school for a while, he want to go mountain climbing again: "is always the same, this kind of feeling good magic."

Fear but also to continue

"Fear is certainly some."Resources exploration professional sophomore wang qiang and admit the climbers will have fear, snow mountain, after all, the bottomless ice seam, steep slope are threatening the safety of the players.Zhang Zhiying said, the players have a process of gradually overcome the fear.Team a year winter vacation every year a winter training, let everybody experience the feeling of on the snow mountain climbing."Everybody is not particularly easy at first, go much you won't feel too big."Impressed Zhang Zhiying is 30 meters of rock fall when winter training, standing on the wall for the first time will be afraid of, but more often, "about 30 meters. Then you don't have feeling, to the rope also believe, began to trust to your equipment, and then you start to have our lives to these things, slowly, not tried in some things of that kind of fear is becoming weak."

However, when deng YuZhuFeng also appeared a few small episode.A member on an ice slope, ice axe fell off when wearing crampons, he looked at his ice axe along the ice slope slide to the bottom of the cliff."At that time will think, if I am the ice axe? This time may produce severe fear, dare not go."Wang qiang feel that compared with the technology and the physical, the mental quality on the lack of mountain is the biggest obstacle, "we must be pay attention to this aspect in the training after."

Safety is when making any decision

Considering the main factors

The YuZhuFeng, the vertical distance from the peak is only 200 meters, mountaineering team more or less still feel some shame, but the "security" is the great team in this paper, main considered factors when making any decision."Both players physical condition and weather conditions are good, should be capable of the summit."Reading geology junior in captain liu qing said, "we were a total of 19 people, people much more special, all of us all security summit probability is low, so we decided to."Kymlicka in charge of the mountain, he felt the captain to harvest a lot of, for example, in the choice of peaks, "choose peaks must according to the actual situation of the whole team, including team of personnel, equipment, the basis of the team again for selective climb."Players Zhang Zhiying praised: "do the planning is very not easy, because he wants to a lot of methods of at that time I didn't know."

Bai Wenbin think, although no top a little regret, but his freshman year, opportunity also many, "the experience is very important to me, and a group of brothers to go mountain climbing, don't have to be the top, lies in the process."While deng YuZhuFeng, play impressed everyone: players play in the home to catch pika, resources exploration professional students spent the whole morning looking for interesting stone, dark when we play games in the tent, the tent outside watching the stars..."Special beautiful night sky, the stars so big, the feeling in your above for a bit."Zhang Zhiying recalls.Accompanying the sport Deng Junwen is the teacher and the earth club President WenXu players mouth "chef", refers to food, Zhang Zhiying praise: "the yuxiang pork than doing good in the hotel, every dish comes out soon."

After the 5920 peak, wang qiang's feeling is "cool", he said that sometimes the way I feel very tired, want to give up, but his teammates will give oneself go, encourage yourself to continue to climb, "when you are tired to the extreme, go to the top is particularly a sense of accomplishment, the in the mind special satisfaction, and the mountain scenery is good too."

Zhang Zhiying has similar feelings, "that kind of feeling is really go to vomit, step all don't want to move, just want to sit on the ground, but you still go, the rope still attached to you, and you give up, you also can't had one, if you had, had to send you many times, so is the infinite test yourself, challenge yourself."On to the top of the hill, my pleasure, but the body "was too tired to do not know how to describe the".

Mountaineering is also for this reason, Zhang Zhiying think the most can exercise a person's perseverance and team work spirit.In the process of the mountain have physical good opportunities for the players to give up climbing team had events that are escorted to exhaustion."Everyone ready all go mountain climbing, mountain is just around the corner when you had to give up, is to escort team down the mountain, I think that kind of spirit."