Traders in the wilderness

It could be an epic journey at the best of the day -- from dawn to dusk, a person walking on foot through 25 kilometers, crossing the state of New Hampshire.

But in the worst of times, everything here is unfathomable, gentle slope and moderate height covered the dangerous in bad weather here, heartbreaking not the summit records may once again add a pen.

On February 15, in 2015, the weather forecast said "Baishan Mountain, the highest temperature of minus 29 degrees Celsius, the northerly wind 70-100 km per hour morning 10 when the left and right sides reached 130-160 kilometers per hour, short-term wind speed will reach 200 km, sense of body temperature will also be low to minus 60 degrees Celsius. But Kate Matt Lo Sowa (Kate Matrosova) once set a goal, they will not easily beat a retreat. 32 years old, she has endless energy and wisdom brains; she could speak three languages, with in the risk analysis of talent, she in the financial and banking sector break a piece of heaven and earth. She is strong and confident in her own pace. In New York when she was training hard, every day back a 9 kilograms heavy barbell and two bags of 9 kg weight of cat sand bag climbing 42 flights of stairs. And before living in Florida, she beat her 45 kg in judo, and she will soon get a black belt. At the same time, she also stubborn outrageous: when the opponent from behind lock throat, she would rather faint dead in the past than pat mat motioned to throw in the towel.

4 years ago, the experience of climbing the Kilimanjaro ignited her passion for the mountains and wilderness. In 2012, she reached an altitude of 5642 meters of the first peak of ELBRUS in europe. A year later, she on Rainier participated in the international mountain guide course, technological learning crampons, understand how to create snow and snow protection. Last year she tops the is the highest peak in North and South America, respectively is 6194 meters altitude in Alaska's Denali and Argentina altitude 6962 meters of Aconcagua peaks. She will sights on Mount Everest seven continents and the rest of the peak, and the dream became the first in the winter ascent of Denali women. Top Denali women.