Twelve tooth technology-based full- strapped climbing crampons

Material : C50C special steel , cold DuPont TPEE

Process: electrophoresis coating, vacuum heat treatment

Size : M , No. 35-43 yards connecting rod can be adjusted

L No. 36-50 yards connecting rod can be adjusted

Weight: about 1050 g

Color: black , orange

Packaging : box, pouch included oxford pocket

Adjustment: manual installation , without any other tools.

Purpose : to meet all kinds of sports shoes, hiking shoes , mountaineering boots’ need. Apply to ice and snow , grass and wetlands environment , play a non-slip effect.

Description : This product is a pair (two shoes is a pair)

Product Features : suoerge crampons have good performance in a mixed terrain in all have 4 * 4 crampons , crampon front of the T-shaped design can be more conducive to the excellent performance of the insert ice. And stable front tines on mixed terrain can stably grasp , and provide strong support in the forward third row of sharp teeth can better grasp the snow slopes . Design of a more favorable side tooth insert when worn ice . Four teeth followed by an increase in the stability of the downhill . All tied type soft attached is suitable for any type of shoes.

Tips: This twelve teeth crampons suitable for all kinds of complex terrain snow and ice .


十二齿技术型全绑登山冰爪4 十二齿技术型全绑登山冰爪3 十二齿技术型全绑登山冰爪2 十二齿技术型全绑登山冰爪1