Types of hiking shoes







hiking shoes

Hiking shoes in terms of weight or protection of both feet are better than cross-country running shoes, it is a cross-country running shoes and hiking boots transitional products. These shoes usually have leather upper or leather with artificial materials made of toe also has the function of protecting toes, soles are usually used "V" bottom, and most of them have a waterproof lining. Because these shoes are low to help, so it's not as protective of the ankle boots so comprehensive as hiking boots. Therefore, this type of shoes is more suitable for the terrain to ease the use of short-term and light hiking.

Mountaineering boots

Mountaineering boots in the durability, topography and foot protection is undoubtedly the strongest of the first three kinds of footwear, in terms of weight as well. Because they are tall and waterproof, they also provide a warm and dry comfort for your feet in rain, snow or wading situations. In addition, heavy vamps and soles can significantly reduce the terrain, environment and toxic animals on both feet of wear and tear. The shoes' supportiveness to both feet and the ankle's protection make them ideal for heavy-lifting or long-distance trekking in terrain and environments.

Alpine boots

Alpine boots belong to the technical climbing activities used footwear, they are climbing high altitude mountain one of the essential supplies. These shoes are the largest, heaviest and tightest of all outdoor hiking shoes, which are made of booties and one-piece snow sleeves and are compatible with all crampons. This shoe is not commonly used in general, they are only suitable for the most difficult topography and environmental use.