Walk on foot: different road, different way!

When we attend outdoor activities, we will encounter different environments, specific to the foot, is a different road conditions, which requires us to use different walking skills on foot, look at the following share, will help you.

Dirt road

This road is very common, the main reason for the formation of stone weather and no vegetation cover the mountain skin after a long time stampede formed. Maybe you think it is the best way to go, what can be noted that it is such a big mistake. The rainy season when the road is the legend of the mud road, very easy to fall, hurt the knee.

Coping skills

After the rain through the sun's exposure, dirt road surface has been dried, but in fact already enough water, this time when the mountain is very prone to danger, take this road when the soles must grasp the ground, to make full use of climbing sticks as Fulcrum, so as not to pay attention to a step into the deep mud. In addition, the spring and autumn temperature difference between day and night, rain and snow days dirt road is very easy to freeze, the risk coefficient is relatively high, encountered this situation down the mountain to make full use of climbing sticks and can climb things, pay attention to climbing objects It is very important to make sure that the fulcrum is firm.
Stone road

This road is mainly the late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China built. Mainly is the ancient road, is the size of the quartzite from the laying of artificial. As a result of age, take more people, this bluestone road has become very smooth road. Once encountered rain and snow prone to accidents, ranging from wrestling, Wei feet, while the fracture was seriously injured.

Coping skills

After the rain, up the mountain in addition to wearing non-slip shoes, the mood but also relax. Walking center of gravity should not be too front, the direction of gravity and the ground to the vertical stone, try to use the climbing stick. Backpack when the package should be the focus of the middle of the middle, hand as far as possible to hold the rock or trees. Downhill must use a climbing stick, the center of gravity slightly forward. Foot of the placement point as much as possible in the slate between the slate, or roadside vegetation. Between two people to pull away from the distance, to avoid a person after falling up several times. After the snow, it is best to use four teeth of the claws, if not crampons, feet must fall on the roadside roots or vegetation, climbing sticks essential.

The so-called jumping stone is no obvious way, the so-called "road" mainly by the valley gully by long-term rain erosion and flash floods formed. Walking on this road, you need to jump on the stone to move forward, spun yarn, creek, boulder staggered, "Murder" vault. Coping skills to overcome the fear of jumping stone is the most important, which requires attention. Rainy season, before the rain, the rain just get out of time to go to the canyon jumping stone, be careful flash floods. Ready to double the bottom of a little harder hiking shoes, in the first step before the spring to check the shoelace is loose, and then to backpack shoulder strap and belt tighten, so backpack close to the back, so as not to jump backpack shaking, center of gravity instability Leading to stumble. Jump stone when the eyes should pay attention to observe the situation in front, to accurately determine the next foothold, pay attention to observe some of the long left on the stone as the foothold of the dark marks. Also, be sure to clean the soles, if the soles stick to the sand, we must be careful of your knees and incisors myself.
The shrub bush contains many species that can be roughly divided into natural shrubs and artificial shrubs. Natural shrubs are mainly distributed in dense jungle, shrubs are more and relatively low, the general soil wet and soft, may have swamps, the greater the risk; artificial shrub mainly distributed climate is relatively dry foothills, is artificially planted Windproof solid soil, the location of the general dry soil, sandy soil more, seemingly hard in fact a step on the slide, some areas of quicksand. Coping skills to take the bushes to bring glasses, hats, pull the jacket on the zipper, between the players at least to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters to prevent the front teammates with the back of the branches bounce back to hurt themselves.
Always remind the back of the teammates pay attention to the distance is too easy to get lost! Walk through the natural bush when the best auxiliary equipment and experienced team leader or local guide Pathfinder first, pay attention to shrubs with more spikes, mosquitoes, High to help anti-skid soles, large lines and large bumps jungle boots, to wear long sleeves, trousers, pay attention to the protection of the face. The artificial bush is taller and more thorny than the natural shrubs, and it is recommended to prepare gloves (the best cortex), long-sleeved high-necked anti-scratch pants and high-climbing shoes with good skidding ability. Not slippery, wide way, it is best to keep the branches fresh and can support the hand of the live branches, hand to help solid, settled to be slow to slow. These little tips you learned it? Next time you encounter a different road, remember to use these methods up yo ~