What are the differences between climbing, climbing and climbing?







Difficult climbing activities can not be separated from rock climbing. Low difficulty may be more ice and snow slope walking, or even just walking on the snow can climb the top. If you just climb a mountain is also classified as climbing, such as climbing Xiangshan, that with the rock climbing has nothing to do.

Rock climbing is also divided into many kinds, two categories are equipment climbing (aid climbing) and free climbing (free climbing). The difference is whether or not to climb with the tools other than the original shape on the rock wall. Daily contact for the latter one, it is divided into sports climbing (sport climbing), the traditional climb (trad climbing). Whether in the climbing hall, in the wild, bouldering and pioneer climbing, the top rope climbing, are considered sports climbing. Traditional climbing refers to the rock wall is not fixed on the coupons (bo2000lt), need to climb the side of the set up a way to climb climbing, the use of rock cone, rock plug, mechanical plug and a variety of removable equipment. More creative, I have seen with a beverage bottle, energy bar, etc. as Mao's picture, but do not know how practical. Not recommended.