What do you want to pay attention to in the winter tour of Mount Huangshan?

1. hills go forward as someone has answered and drinks your feet in front of you. The ice water is too cold to drink with ordinary water. It is very enjoyable to have a cup of hot water on the way to the mountain. Remember.
2. mountains are windy, clothes and pants choose light down clothes, and loose skiing pants, (hats and gloves must be). I went to wear a down jacket. And skiing pants are very good. Permeability must be better, or sweat on the body in the cold wind blows easily. Pants must be loose, and don't wear jeans. Shoes wear hiking shoes. Don't wear high mountaineering shoes. The mountain road that will be very tired is very good, and there is no road that is uneven.
3 the individual felt that there was no need for a personal mountaineering stick because some of the roads were very steep and it was not convenient for you to climb on the hand. The older people are sure to use it without that.
4. if you go to the mountains under the snow that you must buy crampons at the foot of the mountain, such as the two person on the side you buy, because the quality is not good so bad to prepare a pair of. Walk on the ice and wearing crampons not by foot on the ice as easily reversed, crampons bad, my friend just came out two.
5. if you take the cable from the cloud temple sit. It is suggested that you sit with others, just sit 8 people in a car, because you know the benefits in the mountains, and I sit with my friends and two people. At the top of the mountain, the car swayed and swayed around the top of the mountain. And my friend thought he was going to bump into the pillar of the ropeway. If you are too bold, you can experience the stimulation that is absolutely better than the roller coaster.
6. if you are a photographer. It's better to set a warm cover for the camera. I took the sunset peak fishes. It's cold on the top of the mountain on the night of the day. A layer of frost on the surface of the camera caused the camera to not be used. And the flashlight must be brought. Or you can't see the way back to the hotel after you take it.
7, the valuables don't mountain, my friend is a geek, he must get to the Internet with a notebook on the mountain, the tired he wanted to put the book away.