What is the difference between the die casting mould and the plastic mold structure?

Die casting and plastic mold structure is the same, it should be said that plastic mold will do, it should be done die casting die.

The difference between die casting mould and plastic mould:

  1. the injection pressure of the die casting mould is large, so the template is required to be thicker to prevent deformation
  2. the gate of the die-casting mould is different from the injection mold, so the high pressure of the split cone and the material flow should be done
  3. die casting die does not need to be quenched because the mold cavity temperature exceeds 700 degrees, so each molding

It is equivalent to quenching once. The mold cavity will become more and more rigid, and the general injection mold should be quenched to HRC52 or more

4., die-casting mold general cavity should be nitriding treatment, to prevent alloy die cavity

  1. general corrosion casting mould is relatively large, the outer surface of the general barffing.

6., compared with the injection mold, the die-casting die of the active parts (such as the core slider) with a larger gap,

Because of the high temperature of the die casting process will cause thermal expansion. If the gap is too small, the mold will die

  1. die casting die surface matching requirements higher, because the alloy liquidity is much better than plastic

High temperature and high pressure flow from the parting surface will be very dangerous

  1. by injection mold thimble, parting surface can exhaust, die-casting mold must open exhaust groove and slag collector (collection cold head);

9., the molding is inconsistent, casting die injection speed, a injection pressure. Plastic mold usually divided into several injections, pressure preservation

  1. die casting die for the two plate (I have not seen 3 plate die casting), a mold opening, plastic mold of different product mix is not the same

3 plate mold is common, mold opening times and order and die structure. Our die-casting die usually does not use square thimble, cylinder,

Oblique pin (high temperature solution and good fluidity) blockage caused the mold production is not stable.

In addition, the plastic mold and die casting in the production of steel is different; plastic mold generally use 45# steel, T8, T10 and other steel, and die-casting mold is mainly use 3Cr2W8V such heat-resistant steel.