What preparations should be made to equip the climbing snow mountain?

1, daily equipment
Daily equipment, that is, daily necessities and supplies. A mountaineering activity, athletes in the alpine area for a long time, sometimes up to 2 months, all kinds of goods must be carried with complete. Daily equipment includes daily necessities, sanitary articles, simple tools, standing medicines, medical equipment, entertainment articles, paper, stationery, sewing tools, lighting equipment, sports goods, etc..
2, adventure mountaineering equipment
The warm clothing for mountaineering activities in the warm, warm layer is best to use high-quality duvet, fabric to be thin, dense, waterproof, windproof. The color of the coat is mainly dark, and as bright as possible, so as to absorb heat and facilitate observation and observation on the mountain and below the mountain. In addition to underwear, socks, gloves and vests can also be produced according to requirements.
Weatherproof clothes: made of waterproof high quality nylon raw material. It has good wind resistance and warmth retention property. Hooded jacket, hat, cuffs, trousers can be adjusted.
The mountain shoes: special alpine snow and ice climbing shoes. The material requirement is light, and has good thermal insulation, waterproof, ventilation and other properties. Mountain shoes should also accompany leggings and shoe covers, in order to improve its warm, waterproof protection. Walking on the ice slope, but also tied crampon soles.
Luggage: including backpacks, back racks and luggage bags, protective glasses, to protect the strong light and snow reflected light, prevent UV damage to the eyes, goggles lenses to use brown lenses as well. In the mountain area above 7000 meters, climbers should be equipped with special anti violet and infrared windproof snow glasses.
3, technical equipment
The ice: This is the indispensable tool through snow slope. It can be used to protect the road and protect it.
The crampon: crampons made of light for hard metal, fixed to the mountains and the bottom of the shoe, fixed and non slip effect.
Seat belts: the seat belts are made up of traps, belts and clips. They are attached to the waist. It is a connecting device between various protective equipment and the human body.
Main rope: the length of the rope is 40-50 meters, the diameter is 9-12 millimeters, the endurance is more than 1500 kilograms. It is light and strong nylon product, and different personnel should be equipped with different colors of the main rope for identification when used. It is the outcome of the river, "the bridge", rock climbing and various protection will be used for technical equipment.
Auxiliary rope: its diameter is less than the main rope, about 6-8 millimeters, the endurance is about 800 kilograms. The material is the same as the main rope and is used in conjunction with the main rope.
The avalanche streamer: This is a marker of victims seeking avalanche danger etc.. Made of small, brightly colored silk. Each one is about 5 meters long and 0.01 meters wide. Before the adoption of the avalanche region, it will be with athletes.
The iron hammer: in operation, some technical equipment need to alternate constantly links and free to avoid cumbersome rope, rope solution operation, when the action is simple and rapid, it must have the auxiliary locks. Sometimes can replace the pulley using locks. Hammers are generally used for tapping and tapping cones.
The steel cone: rock cone and Snow Cone two categories. To overcome the difficult terrain of rock and ice climbing operations, the steel cone with different length and types into the rock and ice, as the fulcrum of marching and protection.
I used to smooth the snow shovel: camp, build hole digging shovel operation etc..
On the basis of some of the above-mentioned technical equipment, we can equip with some technical equipment such as lift, down device, sled, metal ladder, ladder, pulley and so on.
4, competitive mountaineering equipment
The rock: athletics mountaineering clothes wearing underwear, personal body, mouth, and small trousers trousers with elastic material, with strong wear resistance, elastic wool products best.
The rock shoes: a special shoe rock work. The upper should be made of strong, well ventilated leather, and the sole is made of hard rubber. The sole is thicker and is favorable for friction fixation.
5, support equipment
Support equipment is not a special item for mountaineering athletes. It is a kind of equipment and equipment that can be used to cope with unexpected situations and other purposes. Such as oxygen equipment, communications equipment, photographic equipment, self-defense weapons, vehicles, observation equipment, medical rescue equipment. The type and quantity of the guarantee equipment shall be determined according to the nature of the task and the size of the contingent.
Oxygen equipment: in climbing more than 7500 meters peak, in order to overcome hypoxia and medical first aid, usually need oxygen equipment. The oxygen equipment is composed of 3 parts: an air tank, an indicating device and a mask. Gas storage
A cylinder is a vessel for storing oxygen. The walls of the cylinder should be as light as possible and resistant to high pressure. The indicating device has two parts, the barometer and the regulator, which indicate the oxygen storage in the cylinder, and the latter controls and indicates the flow rate when oxygen is used. Wear a mask on your face,
The mouth, ratio and oxygen equipment are sealed into a system, and oxygen is absorbed by the cushion bag and the skin tube.
Communication equipment: used for athletes and base camp, as well as between the base camp and nearby cities. The former, it is best to use high performance small walkie talkie. The latter may choose the corresponding type of radio transceiver according to the distance
Newspaper equipment. In the base camp on the mountain and liaison, athletes should be familiar with and master some of the original, basic and simple means of communication, such as semaphore, signals, Silbo etc.. To do this, be sure to equip your equipment with flags,
Flashlights, signals, whistles, fireworks, etc. In some particular case, a burning suit