What’s the difference between hardware mould and plastic mould?

In view of the plastic products and metal products in the production and use, have different nature, plastic mold can not be used for metal processing.

In the modern processing industry, in order to ensure product quality and production efficiency, the process is often used in the process of production.

Common in the industry, the use of a mold industry: casting, forging, stamping, heat treatment (heat treatment industry called pressure), plastic molding machine (machine industry called profiling), powder metallurgy etc..

Among them, the molding of plastic products belongs to the plastic processing industry;

And the production of hardware can be classified as the above listed industries.

The purpose of plastic mould and hardware mold is to produce the product, therefore, the structure and function characteristic of them are mainly decided by the product produced.

The design of plastic mold is according to the characteristics of plastic melting range low, heating than common metal mold increases (local heating, cooling) (local cooling), cavity pressure, quick pressure relief, material leakage alarm system. Therefore, the concept of clever, complex processing, often plastic mold features.