Whether the design of the claw is suitable for your hiking boots

For all the claws, the most important issue is the shape of the design of crampons, in the end how much can match with your hiking boots. The ideal cramp should be able to fit easily on the boots without the use of straps. But some of the design of the claw is not suitable for some hiking boots. So, it is best to try a few pairs before deciding whether to buy. Most of the crampons are designed differently, so pay attention to check whether the bought pawls have a guide. If not, do a good job in the outdoor shop so that the staff first give you a demonstration. If it is the length of the adjustable crampons, you want to set in the smaller hiking boots, then you may need to hatch, will adjust the part of the boots after the cut off. Before you walk through the mountain, be sure to carefully adjust your crampons at home. It is best to do several exercises. Because in the ice and snow, passive stiff fingers, not as flexible as usual.