Why do children need to experience climbing?








A few days ago, I and Chen Keli Liang together in one day breath climbed two large rock multi-section group climbing route, the process relaxed and happy, and we also tried a new way of climbing - in the knot group. Although the route is not difficult, but when completed, a sense of accomplishment or spontaneously. But when the peak from the height of more than 200 meters high down to the practical ground, I still began to think about this entanglement of human civilization for more than 100 years, entangled in the hearts of every climber - why we climb?

This year, I have crossed the age of 43, still continue and try to climb more exploration. Now, I am engaged in youth education, the main way is through the climb, including a variety of outdoor sports, to cultivate the overall quality of the children, and bring the children more natural and happy growth experience. So why should I take the kids to experience the climb?

Or why I want to climb from the talk about it

May 13, 2009 9:00, when I completely exposed in the Siguniang Mountain Sanfeng elevation 5200 meters 60 degrees ice rock mixed on the mountain when the wind blowing from the west, full of 7, I was in the ice pick On the big mouth panting, head down, try to pressure the body to stand firm. Zhu Hongzhong above me about 20 meters look, Cai Yong in the following about 50 meters. The wind is slow, I lift up and continue to climb up. My right hand side is down almost covering the entire east wall of the snow slope, about 60 degrees, up about 50 meters with the steep gradient gradually become a gravel slope. My left hand side is broken rocky steep slope. Because my feet wearing crampons, feel standing on the snow slope more practical, along the snow slope to climb, want to wait at the end of the slope and then turn to the rock slope. Just climb a few steps, Zhu Hongzhong shouting from the walkie-talkie, said quickly off the crampons across the rocks, take the rock route, I look down, I stand this snow slope down about a thousand meters When the sun has risen, according to the snow slope, the snow has become a sign of softening, if then I am a slip or an avalanche, it may be straight down the kilometer. I was not afraid at the time, but still very careful to move to the left, leaving the snow slope. At this time, Cai Yong newspaper up, said he was a headache bad, do not go, and we did not as he just climbed the ridge of the slope of the slope when he encouraged him to refuel and guide him to climb the skills, but let him the original To find a safe place to wait for us, if you feel dangerous in the high, then their first to withdraw. I continue to climb, the wind is still raging. After a long time Zhu Hongzhong said that the wind is too big, he almost could not breathe, but also unstable, too dangerous, and not on the retreat it. I looked up and looked at the top 100 meters in the top of the way, clear and cloudless, more than 3,000 meters of the weather is also very good, that is, some of the wind here I think, in this height of the mountain ridge, the strength of the wind should be normal it It is difficult to imagine the mountain did not encounter the wind Continue to climb up. At this time Zhu Hongzhong said: "If you first come up and then decide it!" I climbed more than 10 meters away from his place, decisive, firm with ice pick up three points, meaning very clear. He did not say anything, turned to hang himself on the rope, began in the 60 to 80 degrees of broken rock on the peak impact.