Winter outdoor sports precautions

What are the benefits of winter outdoor sports?

  1. Winter physical exercise, can improve people's ability to keep warm. Adhere to the winter exercise and the average person compared to cold capacity can be enhanced 8 to 12 times.
  2. Winter in the outdoor exercise, continue to be cold air stimulation, resistance to disease antibodies increased, the resistance to disease increased. Adhere to the winter exercise, rarely suffering from anemia, cold, tonsillitis, frostbite, bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases.
  3. Winter more in outdoor exercise, can get sunlight. UV can kill the human skin, clothes on the virus and bacteria, the human body can play a role in disinfection, but also to subcutaneous dehydrogenase into vitamin D, to promote the body's absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus, contribute to bone growth and development The.

Winter sports note

A person who drives for a long time. People with heart disease and high blood pressure. Some of the joints of the body have inflammation. People who do not exercise for a long time. Joint parts of the injured person. Postpartum mother Long-term people sitting in the office. These people's joint strength is generally poor, it is recommended to walk five kilometers a day, step by step, orderly recovery of physical and psychological weaknesses.

  1. cold winter weather, vasoconstriction, muscle and ligaments are relatively tight, violent force is likely to cause muscle strain, ligament tear and even fracture. Prepare the activities must be done, even if walking, jogging the same. Suggestions such as stretching or gymnastics
  2. Outdoor use of fitness equipment is best to avoid direct contact with the skin. At temperatures below zero degrees, when the human skin comes into contact with the cold metal, it is likely to cause skin and metal adhesion, bring harm, so the use of metal equipment, it is best to wear gloves.
  3. Wear leather gloves or put on rubber shoes, so as not to let go or slipped. Hiking shoes and anti-skid equipment are essential, such as crampons.
  4. In addition to low blood sugar in the morning, the human blood viscosity, coupled with low temperatures, vasoconstriction and other factors, fasting exercise may be due to low blood sugar and heart disease and death, so get up in the morning to ease, appropriate meals, drinking water after exercise.

6.Exercise should not mouth breathing. Winter sports should develop the habit of breathing with the nose, because the nose has a lot of hair, it can filter out the air, so that the trachea and lungs from dust, bacteria damage..

  1. Foggy should not exercise. Fog beads contain a lot of dust, pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances, exercise due to increased breathing, the lungs is bound to inhale more harmful substances.
  2. body cold is likely to bring muscle spasms, increased fatigue, fatigue, decreased resistance to discomfort or the occurrence of hidden dangers, after exercise should be timely wear coat, do warm work..
  3. exercise frequency once a week exercise, exercise is not enough, not desirable. Exercise seven times a week, easy to fatigue and difficult to adhere to, not recommended. If you can exercise about the next day, exercise more than 3 times a week (at least 3 times) is better..
  4. Every day less than 5 minutes of exercise does not make sense, more than an hour of movement for middle-aged or non-sports enthusiasts are overweight, an average of about 30 minutes a day more appropriate exercise time..

Winter dress three principles, from the inside out is: perspiration layer - warm layer - windproof layer. In general, the sweat layer is sweat underwear or quick-drying T-shirt, warm layer is to catch fleece, windproof layer is Jackets or down jacket. Three layers of reasonable match to meet the vast majority of outdoor travel activities.

If it is a long walk on foot, to prepare a down jacket. Through the road, may not feel very cold, until the way to rest or camping, put down jacket, you can keep the body temperature is not lost..

Do not forget to protect your hands and feet. Warm shoes, hats, gloves can be taken into account. More than 30% of the body's heat from the human hand and feet slip away, 40% of the heat from the head loss. When running away, protect the hands and feet, not only to resist the cold wind invasion, to protect the heat, but also to prevent the skin frostbite rupture.