Winter to catch hot, summer to claws







Back to the Lanzhou how can not eat the cake! If you think the morning a bowl of cattle too solid, it went to the depths of the alley to a bowl of tofu brain, an oil cake is definitely the best choice, the oil cracked golden crisp, crisp , Bite a mouthful of incense filled with mouth, really can not stop, matched with a bowl of tofu brain, chopped green onion to bring out the oil spilled spicy oil and beans, fresh and not greasy

It is called gray beans, Lanzhou my favorite sweets, no one. Of course, this varies from person to person, but if you like red beans, believe me, you will love it, it is not red beans, like red beans, every rounded full of beans are boiled for a long time infiltration, bite beans Full of dense, but the most critical is the soup, sweet but not greasy, with a sense of dry bean curd is not thick, sweet and delicious, to a small bowl you will never forget!

Lanzhou snacks would have to mention the royal temple of Jincheng Liangpi children, but my favorite is it's home meat pie, the first person to eat may not agree, you may say: is not an ordinary meat pie?


Believe me, you eat a guarantee will want to eat the second time! Its bread is thick and just right, a bite down, skin crisp, crisp, but also chewy, tune the taste of meat evenly spread In the bread, the meaty overflowing, so you have to go on a mouth, simply can not stop, of course, but also with a plate of Liangpi children, or gluten, or fried powder, thirsty to a bowl of sweet embryo , Summer is more perfect to eat!

Like Beijing's bean juice children, Lanzhou slurry is also a kind of people like to resist the taste of resistance, pure pulp must be fresh celery fermentation, it has a unique fragrance, summer, fresh pulp surface, salty appetizer , Coupled with oil simmer tiger skin spicy, to meet a sun exposure of the dry stomach!

Lanzhou steamed bun and Xi'an is different, steaming is their own tear, soup head is also more prominent beef and mutton own fragrant, winter mutton bubble, summer to a bowl of beef bubble, fresh and not greasy, very satisfied!

Grilled whole lamb, grilled lamb skewers, grilled leeks, baked potatoes ....


As long as you are baked, are beautiful; as long as you have appetite, not afraid of no food. I do not say much, you come to eat on the line