You can’t go up or down, Mount Everest is right there

The move to Mount Everest seems like a very smart thing to do now. Recently, a series of the two summit of Mount Everest movie theme: one is being released in the "Himalaya" ladder, released in November 3rd two is "absolutely life altitude". The latter is based on a 1996 8 people killed in the climbing accident, this is an accident before the 2014 Mount Qomolangma avalanche Mount Everest

At first glance, the two film has nothing to do with it, but in contrast, it means a long time. They unveiled the mystery of the Mount Everest, which is actually a commercial act, a climbing guide, an ox driver, not a mountain climber. Even, "absolutely life" in the dead altitude customers also killed the wizard. From the real events of "the highest altitude", talked about weather reasons, as well as human factors caused 8 deaths, this does not like climbing for me, I hate you no Zuo, no, die, why, try. See the "ladder" and, although there is no conflict, no deaths, but because the beautiful picture and special shooting angle, it is more a tribute to Mount Everest.

"The life" and "death stimulus ladder" and real quiet

"Absolutely life" can be made into a very original elevation of the emotional tension of the drama, rescuers face human choice, rescuee faced with another person for the chance of survival, abandoned the despair, frustration or anger, these are the key code to impress the audience, but these are all down to skip..

In order to secure the team cut off his climbing rope in order to survive, cut off his hand this sensational plot, sorry, No. The film begins by reporters for the team reported that the competition between the reduction of Rob Hal and Scott Fisher two business team, so all of a sudden death HIGH, not what the so-called hero aura, this is a business - they are trying to improve their media exposure.

Then they continue to die in May 10, 1996, the day will have 4 teams and the top 3 teams, crowded with rope climbing lined up in the Hilary step, each team in time and oxygen, which is the premise of the dead. Team work with human brilliance, I'm sorry, not at all. The main story in rob Hal's death squad, he experienced, conscientious, and still the egg. He led the team, some temper, some persistent, and some even do not wear crampons. Anyway, there is no relationship between players, but no emotion. But he abruptly auxiliary ascent, decline is also a decline in his xinruan, a postman, and 300 meters from the summit has obvious physical weaknesses, but he was the postman when not sensational confessions by reason in the late afternoon the postman with hard top, down the mountain to meet the storm results, the fatal decision to partner killed two people, but also because he failed to escort the other players down, so that they suffered heavy casualties. Look at the death squad on a second full of joy to photography, the next second in downhill WHAT CAN I die, SAY? I just don't know how to describe rob Hall's character and motivation..

Another wizard Scott Faye, our handsome Jack Gyllenhaal plays, such as nature undisciplined, free personality there is a lone wolf, the pitiful scenes, a distraction, is rather baffling dead, do not look at the data, will feel the great climbers like how as the rookie casually died. The relation between the film and the people is loose and the character is fuzzy. The relation between man and nature is not prominent, which is the biggest drawback of the film..

However, as a disaster movie, the senses are exciting, and the human struggle in the harsh environment is too cruel. For a moment, people like puppets like being blown off the cliff of snow, snow, and freezing off his nose out of the nose, because the loss of temperature clouded undress, Rob Hal in the last moment of life and his pregnant wife calls, trying to make their own move slowly, etc. when the sun rose won first hope for survival, but human struggle more, the more prominent the ruthless nature and must embrace the fear..

In the "ladder" and awe, and not deliberately rendering, but everywhere. The film is the protagonist of a group of the Tibet mountaineering school guides, as well as "absolutely life" in altitude Sherpa, they do is to pave the way for customers to bypass, although also commercial behavior, but they embrace more respect and faith of the Holy mountain. Rong cloth monks who earnestly protect their director to see traces of the Holy Spirit and said: "Mount Everest is the guardian spirit, the rest of the place in our hearts, now the mountain became a kind of fashion, I don't know what to say." The awe of the locals for the snow mountain is nothing in the world.

No interference was recorded first is a documentary object code, but the "ladder" shooting style is too quiet, most of the time in the daily record guides the work and life, a trivial. After reading, they also feel like ordinary young people, there are emotions, but more climbing skills. The most dangerous ride ladder, a director with aerial shoot them in the snow like ants in difficult walk. Interestingly, this guide also met a player but can not see the road on top of the wizard, the first reaction is discouraging, under several rounds of communication, or let the players slowly climb, but fortunately no accident.

"Absolutely life" in Mount Qomolangma, altitude mountain Mount Everest base camp although is built in the town, but there are also some location in Mount Everest about 4750 meters of snow in real shooting, with strong winds, glacier calving and other special effects, seems not entirely green screen, but the reality is very strong.

The picture is a "ladder" shot on the true beauty to each frame can do screensavers. Whether it is snow, sunrise, starry night, people from different countries or regions to challenge themselves in the mountain school students under the leadership of the picture, very beautiful. Listen to the sound of friction climbers spikes in the cold night and snow, skate, figure and sky cameras create new styles from the ground upward climbers, is a kind of enjoyment, the big screen to see the Mount Everest, is the most beautiful..