You have only a pair of ice claws with the limit ice







According to the principle of the action of cramming crampons


The crampons are made of metal and have a pointed tooth. When walking or climbing, use their own weight to use the spikes to the snow or ice to fix themselves to prevent slippage. Therefore, the crampons determine the good or bad at two points, first, claws and shoes fixed firm degree, the second, ice claw teeth good or bad.


Fix the way of crampons and shoes


Kentucky fixed way is divided into four, all-card crampons, all tied crampons, before the card after the closure of crampons, before the card after the claw claw.


Full card crampons


First ask the shoes must be with a claw card slot, usually only in the hiking boots and part of the heavy footwear only have this function.


Advantages: fixed after a very stable, easy to loose, wear off more free and convenient.


Disadvantages: If the shoes make ice claw card slot, the soles need special reinforcement. Soles naturally hardened, and the shoes on their own weight up, and the production process also increased a lot of difficulty, resulting in the overall price of shoes will not be too low