You know only a pair of crampons and limit the distance

Ice climbing national husband Wang Sicong fell in love with skiing, we only play cool ice, to beat him!!! Play ice climbing, first to understand how to choose ice climbing equipment, crampons is the priority among priorities. According to the principle of selecting crampons crampons crampons is made of metal and with sharp teeth, when walking or climbing by means of its own weight with sharp teeth tied to the snow or ice to play their own fixed to prevent slipping. Therefore, in order depends on two points, first, with fixed shoes crampons firmness, second teeth or crampons. Fixed fixed way crampons and shoes crampons was divided into four kinds, the whole clip crampons, tied up the top card type crampons, tied type crampons, before the tie after clip crampons. The first cassette crampons shoes must be with crampons slot, usually only in the boot and part of reloading only has the function of hiking shoes. The utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages of firm fixation, uneasy loosening, and free and convenient wear and tear. Disadvantages: if the shoe making crampons slot, is the sole need special reinforcement. The soles of the shoes are naturally hardened, and the shoes weigh themselves up, and the difficulty in making them increases greatly, resulting in the overall price of shoes not too low. All mounted crampons tied up type is the use of the ribbon tied crampon crampons on shoes. The utility model has the advantages that the utility model can be matched with any climbing shoes without restriction. Disadvantages: fixed as the whole card ribbon easily frozen, crampons; will become very difficult to wear off, slightly off the trouble. Before and after the card card tied crampon tied crampon wepac card crampons and tied up crampons are combined, but personally think that these two kinds of the card and the actual crampon tied crampon drawbacks will absorb a lot of advantages, but could not inherit much, therefore it is not recommended to buy. The gear tooth usually crampons crampons mainly depends on three aspects, first, the metal material itself. With the hard metal crampons should choose high toughness steel. If enough hard material will soon become a crampon round and lost the ability of the ice thorn, but some steel although hard but very brittle, easily broken in the crampons suddenly when accidentally kicked a stone. Second, we should pay attention to the number of teeth of the crampon. Generally, the number of ice grip teeth varies from four teeth to 14 teeth, and the more the number of teeth, the more complicated the road that ice grip can handle. Is not recommended to buy 6 teeth following crampons, this kind of steel is usually selected and crampons are not very good, but the following 6 teeth in the process of using fixed performance crampons and climbing ability is poor. Recommendations for the selection of more than 10 teeth crampons best. Third, for more than 10 teeth with heel crampons, the discrete tooth tooth two peace crampons, verticaltooth crampons to ice wall climbing vertical or near vertical design. Flat teeth are designed for plain walking. It can be used for climbing occasionally. The design is suitable for crampons for all your hiking boots and crampons, the most important problem is the design of the crampons, to what extent does fit with your hiking boots. The ideal should not use the bandage crampons in case, can easily set on boot without falling off. But the design is not suitable for some crampons on some hiking boots. So it's best to try on several pairs before deciding whether to buy. Check whether to buy crampons with a user guide. Finally, in order to choose the best choice of activities in accordance with the demand for ice climbing: General climbing: flat teeth more than 12 teeth semi hard type ice crampons Technology.