Zero mountain base, like ten years within Mount Everest, what needs to be prepared?

Take a look at the author of the firefighting fighter ground gas proposal, maybe you will be inspired! Longer text, because WeChat limit, has been deleted! I hope you patience to watch, must have been harvested!

See this topic to say a lot, most people on Everest, especially high-altitude snow-capped mountains do not understand that Everest is the world's highest peak, must be the most difficult to climb, I have the confidence to have the courage to be sure to be successful.

It may be said that the preparation takes about 5 years, before you have to have a strong heart and healthy body, and the character can not be withdrawn and too introverted, because the last teamwork and a certain range of insistence on you are important.

Remember to remember. Mountain snow mountain, especially more than 8,000 meters of the mountain risk and do the first year, starting from the high altitude long distance

ABC big ring, EBC, Everest East slope, turn the lake turn the ancient grid what the random. The body to be healthy, when my slogan is "to match Dailian", with a Kaopu leader, know some low-key strength of the footer, happy brush friends circle can be.

5000 + near the mountain climbing (no ice and rope), you can choose Kilimanjaro, four girls 2 peaks, Haba Snow Mountain, this will climb the snow-capped mountains have a basic understanding, while their own body and equipment also have a clear understanding The

At this time you may be because of the shoes do not fit the feet to play the blood bubble, because dare to ignore the high in the night before the summit on the vomiting diarrhea, rent sleeping bag temperature is not enough to freeze cold, Decathlon to buy a water bag finally up the mountain found all the cold Live can not drink, was not sweaty underwear get a cold, dozens of pieces of stove to heat a pot of hot water to 20 minutes, feel the mountaineer B, every time with a large fork, and finally hurt the meniscus, Do not wear a hat glasses, one day down your head was sunburn. The last big mark three finally found that is the last weight of 2kg, crushed your physical strength of the last straw. Spacecraft flying off the ground almost the same rate, are more than ten percent. Of course, you still need to save money, about five years each year for your dream account to save out 15,000 dollars.